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About Us

Transforming Businesses
Across Every Industry

We Maintain Agile Teams To Develop Scalable Products That Meets The Highest Standards In The Market

We Are Binate

To compete with the dynamic market and understand timely changing consumer behavior, we have been offering resources to Businesses like yours to build responsive and impactful software that fulfills your customer’s needs.

Utilizing the newest technologies and data collection methods we prioritize research and development to ensure the highest quality of products and services for you.

Through our tailor-made approach to outsourcing, we can offer you fully integrated personalized software to meet your project requirements.

To give you the best experience we have partnered with clients from the USA, Europe to Asia for long-term projects.


 With the vision to transform global business process outsourcing, we leverage industry experience with scalable technology. Allow us to show       measurable and significant growth to your business through our technologies by being your business partner.

Why Choose Us?

Our developers are a group of highly skilled experts that have been taking on diversified challenges for the last 6+ years. As for our commitment, we have been maintaining timeliness in producing scalable products for multiple industries which are revolutionizing the outsourcing industry.

Our previous clients have not only praised us for their outstanding business growth but also extended contracts for future possibilities. With the mindset of scaling your business, we are just a phone call away from taking your business to the front eat.

How we Work

Our development team is highly dedicated to its core responsibilities. None of them jumps to conclusions, in fact, everyone wants to make the 2nd product better than the 1st one. Every time the team sees their product as a hit, they move on to the next task with the motivation to do better.

Most importantly, everyone is proactive, no one is forced to work at Binate. At Binate, people love to do what they do best, the dedication comes directly from their passion.

Our Work Culture

Our workdays come with multiple coffee breaks and games. Every time someone feels frustrated, there is always something to cheer them up. We care more about our employees rather than KPIs because our employees matter to us the most.

With the goal to make our workplace better, we treat our CEO to our new joiner in the same manner, no one is a boss in our workplace, and everyone is inspired to be a leader.

What’s Stopping You From Becoming A
Market Leader At Your Industry?