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Case Study – Document and Certificate Management Portal for Real Estate Builders

Case Study
Document and Certificate Management Portal for Real Estate Builders

This product helps the users to manage their documents which are related to the equipment/components of buildings. Basically, user is able to check the list of all components, upload the regarding documents and check the status of those documents. User will get a notification email at different status changes of the document. Then the user can add new documents if necessary.

Backend Architecture

Language: Python Django (version 3), Celery, Celery Beat
Server: Digital Ocean (For Production site), AWS (For staging site).
Caching server: Redis
Database: PostgreSQL

Frontend Architecture

Language: Angular (version 8)

Server: Nginx


The aim of developing this product is to deliver a smart solution for building maintenance & monitor all the related documents under one platform. It also works as a notification system for document status updates.

Target Market

Building owners or real estate agencies who have to maintain a lot of apartments at different places.

Key Points

UI Flow of The Features

User Registration:

At the very beginning we need to register as a user. Let’s start by sending an invitation. Only an admin can send this invitation.

Note: The process cannot be completed if the mandatory fields are not filled.

Create Password:

After getting invitation mail, user needs to fill this form with necessary data.


Note: This process cannot be completed if the prerequisite conditions for new password is not fulfilled.

Software Dashboard:

After a successful log in, the dashboard looks like this


Portfolio Section:

At portfolio module, you can see the count and status of all the portfolios. This specific user of the first picture doesn’t have the right to add new portfolio. Which is why there are no buttons to perform the action. But you can see how it works in the second picture, because that is a different user with different rights.


Building Module:

At building module you can see all the buildings. If you click on any specific portfolio, you will see only the corresponding buildings.


Elements Section:

At elements module you will see a detailed view off all the elements that belong to a specific building. This elements cannot be seen without selecting a building.



At calendar module we are showing an overview of the whole documents status.


Report Section:

This module helps to generate report of the documents. There are two types of reports. Such as- building report and portfolio report. They can also be downloaded as a PDF file.


Note: You must select a building or portfolio to generate report.

Users Section:

At user module we are showing all the necessary information about the users. At here we let the admin to perform multiple actions.


Note: The whole process of adding a user is described at the beginning of this document.

Rights Section:

This module is used to add new rights. Basically, the rights give the users their desired permission. Admin chose these rights based on the user’s ability and demand.


Note: If any right is assigned to at least one user, it cannot be deleted.

Project Details
In a Nutshell

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