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Case study – Telecom Insight Bill Compare Application

Case Study
Telecom Insight Bill Compare Application

This website is used by those who use internet package from telecommunication service providers. There might be multiple different telecom companies around and this website helps the users to compare between all of them. After comparing all of them, the user can choose the best offer for him. That might be in the same company that the user already has or a different one. Before choosing any offer, the users can have a detailed info about all the available packages.

Backend Architecture

Language: Python 2
Database: Postgres

Frontend Architecture

Language: Angular JS


The purpose of building such an effective software product is to provide necessary information to the users who want to get the best deal from lots of data packages. Sometimes it’s hard for users to acquire all the data rates and package info under the same platform from different service providers. They had to visit different websites, collect info and compare it by themselves. This is a very hectic task and sometimes boring. Our automated software solution can help them by providing all the info at the same place and ease up their effort.

Target Market

We developed this product targeting to the mobile data consumers. Those users who use a lot of mobile data packages and need to continue using the data at a cheaper cost will find this software service very useful.

Key Points

UI Flow of The Features

User Login:

All the users need to log in first. To log in, user has to provide valid email address and password.



1.You must provide valid log in information. This process can not be proceeded if the mandatory fields are not filled.

2. If you forget the password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Lost password” option.

Software Homepage:

After a successful log in, user will be redirected to the homepage. This can also be called as the case list page. At here, case means previous search accounts done by other clients. So, the user will be able to see their search results and get necessary info from there. Also, can create new case.


Create Cases

There are two ways to create a case. They are explained below.

A. New Case (By fetch):

User can create preference-based search results from here.

  • Case name must be unique.
  • Username and password are mandatory fields.

B. New Case (By Upload):

User can also create new case by uploading necessary documents in required format. After uploading the documents, the system will analyze it and show the results.



1. Case name must be unique.

2. Invoices must be uploaded.

View Usage Section:

As the invoices are uploaded, our system will extract information from there and analyze the overall usage statistics. From there, it will be easier for the system to compare the usage information with other available offers.

Final Suggestion

After analyzing the whole data, the system provides a better or any offer that is relevant to current package. There might be two scenario –

If there are no better offers than the current package, the it will show the offer next to it, like the one in the picture below. But if there are one or multiple offers available, user will be able to see it with details. So that, user will be able to compare between them and choose a better one.

Project Details
In a Nutshell

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